You Will Receive a Kit

First you will receive a kit in the mail. You will pay one flat shipping fee which will cover all the mailing. There will be four waxes in the tin. Press your finger into all four waxes. I find the thumb works the best. If you do not like the way the waxes look simply peel up the waxes, roll it in a ball in the palm of your hand and press the waxes again. Fill out the sleeve on the tin with the customer name and the name of the person whose fingerprint you molded. We put the initials on the back of the wax to keep track of the fingerprints.

Return the Wax for Casting

Next you will put the kit in the envelope that I provided for you, seal it, and drop it in your local mail box or post office. The waxes are then cast in the metal of your choice. The image shown is how the silver pieces look right after they have been cast.

Pieces are Cleaned up

The cast pieces are then cleaned up. As you can see, the pieces are rough after being cast. They require sanding and shaping. Next they are made into a necklace, cufflinks, ring, bracelet, or keychain. This is all done in my studio.

Ready To Ship

The piece is placed into custom packaging and shipped out. The whole process takes about 2-3 weeks, depending on how quickly the waxes are returned to me. It works best with children ages 2 and up. If you want to mold a child’s print younger then 2, you can always mold their toe. Kids really seem to enjoy the whole process and are amazed when they see the final piece.