Touchstone jewelry is working to make a woman’s journey through treatment a little easier by providing services that are not covered by insurance. Treatments such as acupuncture and massage, or maybe something as simple as a ride to and from treatment. Things that made my own journey a little easier. In the beginning we will work with Tower Cancer Foundation, which is affiliated with Cedar Sinai, to provide the services. Eventually, we would like to have a nonprofit and have more direct contact with the people we help. I cannot tell you how many times a friend has come to me and expressed how someone they know was just diagnosed with breast cancer. These interactions immediately brings me back to when I was first diagnosed and how scared I was. Breast cancer survivors reached out to me and made me confident that my journey was not insurmountable. I met a woman who did the 60 mile breast cancer walk during her treatment. She made treatment a little less daunting. I want to keep this cycle going. To the women out there going through treatment, please contact me directly and I will mold your fingerprint at cost so your loved ones can wear it in support.  Or just email me to talk. Now, nine years after my own diagnosis, we have a clear picture of what this company can do and are excited to see our vision come to life.