I have decided that Touchstone Jewelry will include the one of a kind jewelry that I made as K. Lamberti Design. There is no reason the company cannot donate with art pieces as well as the fingerprints. The fingerprints have a special meaning. The concept of the company came about when I was going through breast cancer treatment and preserving a fingerprint is like a photo for me. It captures a moment in time forever. A child’s touch, a mother’s touch, and grandfather’s touch all have special significance to the individual who carries that piece of jewelry.

With that said, I need to continue to grow as an artist and not be limited by using one element. I no longer want to keep the two ways of working separate but rather combine them. Every other week I will be releasing a one of a kind jewelry piece. This week I begin with a pendant that shows growth. The material is drift wood, sterling silver, and rose quartz. After spending so much time in the woods of Vancouver, I have begun creating work based on the textures and elements found in the woods. This piece was inspired by slime mold. I know, it does not seem like it would have beauty based on it’s name, but I am drawn to the combinations of colors and textures and growth in which it encompasses. I will end with a definition. Growth – the act or process, or manner of growing; development; gradual increase.

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