Sydney The Cancer Slayer

I was lucky enough to have had the privilege of molding the fingerprint of Sydney the Cancer Slayer. I have followed her story and found her an inspiration. Sydney has an infectious smile that lights up her whole face. At age 12 she was diagnosed with stage 3 Burkitt’s nonhodgkins lymphoma. She was in treatment and away from her family for 5 months. Her mother Deanna, never left her side.¬†About half away through treatment Sydney wanted a symbol to represent how resilient she is and so the “Cancer Slayer” was born. Sydney is doing great and as the Slayer has put it “she has kicked cancer’s butt”. This pendant represents Sydney’s strength and beauty. Until the end of February profits will be shared with the charity of Sydney’s choice. Please enter the code SLAYER when making a purchase. With this code you will receive 15% off any purchase and a donation will be made in Sydney’s name.

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