Over the years I have had the privilege  of collecting finger prints of some amazing people. I will be featuring these people each month. I am starting with Julie Abijanac. She is an artist, professor, wife, cancer survivor and friend. I wear this ring when i need inspiration and I am hoping to get the creative juices flowing. Her art work is beautiful and challenging. I am sure she inspires her students as much as she has inspired me. I am excited to see what is next for Julie as she continues to push boundaries, face challenges and inspires others.

The piece below is titled

100 yards of dye cut Strathmore watercolor paper, glue and wire
detail_suspended                                      detail_close up

Artist Statement

As a survivor of and caretaker for those afflicted with cancer, I find death, loss, pain and longing ongoing emotional challenges for me as a wife, friend and artist. My work, on occasion, is a visual description of how the disease manifests within the body. It also, at times, has become a way for me to pay tribute to those who have become casualties of the disease.


Anamnesis is a series of suspended paper vessels that captures a shared moment in the manifestation of cancer and a remembrance of those who have been taken by the disease.



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