Stones and Sketches

It has been a long time since I have worked with stones. I decided to attend a gem show recently and I am glad I did. I love trade shows, if they are not too big. I spent the first hour scanning all the booths and then the next hour really taking a closer look and getting ready to buy. Usually when I go to shows I have an idea of what I want to purchase but this time I was winging it. Going to a gem show without a list ┬áis like going to the grocery store hungry. Often you come out with a lot of things you don’t need. This did not happen this time. There was only one booth that I was really interested in. The prices were all good and so was the quality. Some of the cuts were unusual but not too far out. I started to think about combinations while I was there. I am looking to combine some really polished stones with rough ones. I love the combination of refined and rough. The contrast brings out the beauty in each type of stone. When I left, I felt excited and ┬áready to make new work. I love that feeling. It is one of the things that drove me to be an artist. The possibilities of making something new and something that I am proud of. It is the possibilities. What will today bring?

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