Working with Fingerprints


I have been working with the fingerprints for several years now. I usually work with about ten fingerprints at a time. As I work with them, I start to notice the subtle differences in each fingerprint. By the time they are cleaned up, I know whose fingerprint belongs to whom. The fingerprint above belongs to an 85 year old man. I find this one particularly beautiful. None of the usual centrifugal patterns appear, yet this pendant has unmistakably captured the touch of a man, a father, a husband. Similar to a photograph, a moment in time has been preserved.

I have always envisioned doing a project in which I show a wall of fingerprints at the breast cancer conference. The fingerprints would all be of people who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. There would be a recording along with it that would give a voice to the individuals who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. I have respect for the whole pink movement but I am trying to find a way to show a more personal side of the journey. Just like the fingerprint above, upon closer examination you could see the individuality of each print and by placing the prints all in a large group you could also see the common human thread.

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