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Creating meaningful, one of a kind fingerprint jewelry with half our profits going to breast cancer fighters.

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  • Growth

    I have decided that Touchstone Jewelry will include the one of a kind jewelry that I made as K. Lamberti Design. There is no reason the company cannot donate with art pieces as well as the fingerprints. The fingerprints have a special meaning. The concept......

  • Touchstone Jewelry Is Back

    Touchstone Jewelry is back in action! I spent six months in Vancouver, Canada. We enjoyed the landscape and people of Vancouver. I particularly enjoyed the woods. Every inch seemed to be alive. I thought I would feel closed in not being able to see much......

  • Sydney The Cancer Slayer

    I was lucky enough to have had the privilege of molding the fingerprint of Sydney the Cancer Slayer. I have followed her story and found her an inspiration. Sydney has an infectious smile that lights up her whole face. At age 12 she was diagnosed......

  • Julie

    Over the years I have had the privilege  of collecting finger prints of some amazing people. I will be featuring these people each month. I am starting with Julie Abijanac. She is an artist, professor, wife, cancer survivor and friend. I wear this ring when......